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What is Youtunes?

Youtunes is a desktop application that allows you use Youtube as your personal music library.

How does it work?

After installing the application, use the "Search Youtube" page to search for your favorite songs and add them to your library.

And then what?

And then listen to your favorite music! Play your songs from your library or create your own playlists.

How was this made?

Youtunes is a pet project of mine. I use Youtube to listen to music a lot and wanted a much better interface than the youtube webpage. Also, it gave me a chance to play learn ReactJS and Electron, two tools used to write Youtunes.

Is it free?

Yup! As I said, it's just something I play with in my free time, and so it's completely free! If you want some way to repay me, just spread the word and tell your friends.

More questions?

Send me an email at